• Macphie Hollandaise Sauce
  • Diced gherkins
  • Potato waffles
  • Sliced salt beef
  • Sauerkraut
  • Eggs
  • Tomato ketchup
  • Frenchies mustard
  • Fresh dill
  • Flour
  • Eggs
  • Breadcrumbs


  1. Poach the eggs, then chill them in iced water. Tap them dry, then pane them in the flour, egg and breadcrumbs.

  2. Mix the Macphie Hollandaise Sauce with the gherkins, ketchup, dill and frenchies mustard to create the Thousand Island Holly.

  3. Fry the coated eggs in hot oil with the potato waffles until crispy and golden.

  4. Assemble with the salt beef and sauerkraut. Generously drizzle with the Thousand Island Holly and garnish with extra pickles.

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