Have some fun with a hot cross bun - Macphie

One to cross off your list

Hot cross buns are a key seasonal product, each year there are more and more flavour varieties on offer.

We have developed some ideas for some alternative flavours of both sweet and savoury hot cross buns for this year.

The introduction of the savoury flavours expands the day-part opportunities for hot cross buns and allows for a quick seasonal tweak to menus and on the shelves at bakeries.

Not only do these taste great on their own, our rosemary and chorizo hot cross buns work well as a carrier.

We have teamed them up with a burger but they work equally as well as an alternative sandwich carrier.

Chorizo hot cross burger bun

Rosemary hot cross burger bun


As we have previously touched on, rosemary is a key 2020 flavour trend so a great flavour to incorporate.

We also created a cheese and bacon version which works well as a carrier.


A huge variety of flavours in hot cross buns are appearing wherever you look.

Here are some ideas for sweet hot cross buns with a flavour twist:

Ginger hot cross bun

Lemon hot cross bun

Chocolate orange hot cross bun


Waste not, want not

We were limbering up in preparation for Wimbledon and berry season in the kitchen recently where we created a red berry semi-freddo which looks and tastes stunning.

A very simple and effective way to update and add a splash of colour to menus.

Hot cross buns are an ideal base for bread and butter pudding and can also be used with Mactop ® Traditional to create a seasonal semifreddo – simply substitute the fruit in this recipe with 400g of  torn pieces of hot cross buns.


Traditional family time

The Easter holidays are a great time for restaurants, bars and pubs to take advantage of families getting together to eat.

Updating menus with seasonal offerings is a great business driver as it gets customers excited.

With the changing season it is an ideal time to introduce new recipes using seasonal ingredients.

Some customers will expect classics such as lamb to be on the menu, but offering a range of specials, such as the chorizo hot cross bun burger, can help to pull in new customers too.

Easter is a food led time but don’t forget that food and drink pairings can help to grow sales.


There are more Easter themed recipes on our website.