Plant-based Taco Sauce is added to the mix - Macphie

With more than 600,000 people signing up for ‘Veganuary’ in 2022*, we’re helping customers to feed demand for vegan food with our new Plant-based Taco Sauce staple – adding to our extensive collection of 38 vegan products for use in restaurants, bakeries and food-to-go operators around the world.

This time-saving savoury sauce – available in cases of 12 x 1-litre cartons or 10-litre cases – has gone through a vigorous development process and after a year of perfecting, is now being launched to market.

Our marketing and insights manager Kirsty Matthews, said: “Plant-based products are on the rise thanks to the likes of Veganuary and Meat-free Mondays. More and more people are now looking for consistent alternatives that don’t compromise on taste – we believe that this is something we have perfected.

“Plant-based sauces can not only be time consuming to produce, but costly and tricky to get right. Not only do our products save valuable cooking time, but also saves restaurants having to buy plant-based products in bulk for the creation of a delicious and authentic sauce alternative.

“The taste of our products is key. This is why the colour, viscosity and flavour of all of our sauces are tried and tested with our chefs and bakers ahead of being rolled out to customers. Our smooth plant-based taco sauce has a great smoky undertone with a mild spice to add to the abundance of flavour.”

As the variety and range of availability continues to be an issue faced by vegans, we aim to create a wide range of plant-based produce that also appeals to non-vegans and helps chefs and bakers to reduce food waste.

The time-saving multi-use sauce is also looking to lend a helping hand to time-poor hospitality staff, as labour shortages continue to put time pressures on workers across the industry.

As well as being used in tacos, our Plant-based Taco Sauce is a versatile base product that can be customised and used across a range of dishes to excite and appeal to consumers.

Kirsty adds: “Our new vegan sauce can be used in a variety of different ways – it’s not just for tacos! From a creamy pasta sauce to being used as a dip or in burritos, the product is completely adaptable across a number of sectors.

“Consumption of plant-based food is completely normalised now and alternative options are expected by consumers wherever they choose to eat.

“It is so important that we continue to develop our vegan range so that all of our customers can cater for a variety of dietary requirements.”

To find out more about the Plant-based Taco Sauce and how to use it, click here or call our customer service team on 0800 085 9800.

*Based on facts from Veganuary