Choux Buns - Macphie


Method Makes 60 buns

  1. For the croquant mix together the flour, sugar and soft butter on a medium speed with a beater. Colour as required. Roll out flat between acetate into sheets & freeze. Cut with a circular cutter & re freeze until required. 

  2. Place Macphie Choutex  in a bowl fitted with a paddle, add the cold water and beat on slow speed for 2 minutes, scrape down.

  3. Beat for a further 6-7 minutes on middle speed until a pipeable consistency is obtained.

  4. Pipe as desired onto a lightly greased baking tray. Once piped place your coloured craqaunt on top of each choux.

  5. Place 40 g deposits into the oven at 190ºC (375ºF) for 30-40 minutes with the damper fully open. Leave to cool once cooked. 

  6. Whip up the Macphie Mactop® Traditional on a medium speed with a balloon whisk until soft peaks are formed. This will take between 5-6 minutes. 

  7. Mix colour & flavour into the Macphie Mactop® Traditional and then pipe into the choux buns and garnish as required.