Destination anywhere: it’s what you add that counts - Macphie

After all the recent lockdowns and travel restrictions, it’s no surprise that the appetite for exotic adventures is growing.

However, while we’ve been confined to our homes, our minds have wandered in the kitchen and food has captured our imagination. Almost 40% of shoppers say they’ve been more adventurous with their cooking over the last year and now that they’re free to eat out, customers are looking for the same sense of adventure from the restaurant menus.

So with customers keen to be taken on a journey of flavour, where will you take yours?

Our chef Kieran Harry has worked in kitchens across the world, picking up inspiration from every continent.

“It’s what you add that counts,” says Kieran.

“Once you’ve nailed your store cupboard essentials, you can add spices, herbs and seasonings to offer your customers a whole world of choice.

“Take béchamel for example. This simple sauce can go global so easily.

“I use Macphie’s ready-to-use Béchamel with Butter Sauce to recreate a dish I once discovered while travelling in Argostoli, Kefalonia – Pastitsio. This is a traditional Greek recipe which is often compared to a lasagne.

“It’s made by layering tubular pasta and a rich cinnamon-spiked red wine meat sauce and topping with a thick layer of béchamel – nothing complex – just simple ingredients that work well together.”

Kieran has shared his recipe for the Greek Pastitsio made using Macphie Béchamel with Butter, here.

Greek pastitio made with Macphie Bechamel with Butter Sauce

Journey of flavour

The journey of flavour doesn’t stop here.

“Lace our Béchamel with Butter Sauce between thinly-sliced potatoes for the perfect French-style dauphinoise potatoes or create a glorious lobster thermidor by mixing your lobster meat with béchamel and popping under the grill,” adds Kieran.

Discover more uses for the Swiss army sauce here.

What about dessert?

Taking inspiration from his time in the Middle East, Kieran says there’s a world of taste to explore on your dessert menu.

“Making a slight twist on the British classic, we created an Eastern Mess by combining meringue and our Mactop® Traditional with pistachios, rose water and tahini,” he said.

Eastern Mess made with Mactop Traditional

“Or use our Panna Cotta to create a rosewater and pistachio tart that could be straight from the Riads of Marrakech.

Rosewater and pistachio tart made with Macphie Panna Cotta

“This is just one example of how to use our heat, chill and serve Panna Cotta but it is ideal for finishing with your own flair and flavour inspiration. It works wonderfully with alcohol and other additions like chocolate and fruit.

“Whether you choose to simply top off desserts and sweet treats with our delicious ku-li® range or plan to craft something more adventurous, our Panna Cotta is the perfect foundation for bringing your ideas to life.”

“However you choose to go global with your menu, you don’t need to clock up your air miles to do it. One product can be all you need – it’s what you add that counts.”

Macphie’s wonderfully versatile and simply delicious products work beautifully with the foreign flavours of your exotic eats. With Macphie, you’ve got everything you need to let your customers’ taste buds travel. Where will you take yours?

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