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One of the main benefits of Macphie products is their versatility. From one single bag of mix, you can create a whole range of products suitable for any occasion, whether that is a supersized creation for an informal get-together, or bite-sized miniatures for small, sophisticated soirees.

Throughout this article, we will take a look at how Macphie products can help you tap into the size trends to help you feed five thousand, or just those looking for an individual indulgence.

Supersized foods are continuing to grow in not only size, but also popularity, making them the perfect centrepiece for your customers’ upcoming celebration. Miniature versions of favourites are also popular, and despite being small, are still full of delicious tastes.


Supersized Growing in Demand

The supersized food trend originally started in America. Fast food restaurants began offering giant portions at low prices to attract customers, which overtime led to portion sizes gradually increasing over the decades. As a result, societal norms changed, and Americans started expecting larger sized meals.

In more recent years, Brits have gained the supersize appetite from our neighbours across the pond. The popularity for supersized foods has grown, and we have seen a range of foods become giant, including cookies, sausage rolls and even doughnuts.

Although usually a trend reserved for the Christmas period, this disruptive innovation is gradually becoming more and more prominent as everyday offerings.

Supersizing offers your customers a unique experience, which adds to the value of the product. Numerous businesses have started offering enlarged doughnuts such as Fisher & Donaldson, Doughnut Time and Greene King pubs, with the latter challenging customers to finish the giant doughnut without the help of others. Looking to add something similar to your offering? Find the recipe for our massive doh-ring HERE.


Sharing special moments in big fashion

In addition to giant foods offering an experience, they are also great to share amongst friends and family. Food helps to bring people together, and supersized foods really nail that. This tear & share éclair, for example, can be enjoyed as a dessert when you are catering for a family Sunday dinner, or perhaps our Haggis Wellington sausage roll can be shared amongst friends during a game’s night.

Not only that, but they are also ideal for any occasion.

Giant cookies have been trending in recent years and can adapted to any occasion by adding personalised messaging, whether that be wishing someone a happy birthday, congratulating someone for passing their driving test, or even just as a treat for yourself (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone!). Make sure to showcase different messaging examples on your website and social media to help inspire your customers.

Check out our giant cookie recipe here.


Social media friendly foods

Although not a new trend, it is still very important in this day and age to create foods which are visually appealing for use on social media. As we know, Generation Z tend to share everything on their Instagram, particularly food. The more visually and aesthetically pleasing, the more likely it is to be posted. Ensure your offerings are bold as well as scrumptious, as this will help your business to get recognition online.

This Grande French fancy is not only deliciously tasty, but it is also an eye-catching creation, which, as Generation Z would say, is ‘Instagramable’.

And despite being miniature, these beef and cheese sliders are delicious and visually appealing – a great addition to any menu or event of any scale.

Creating stand-out offerings is important, particularly during specific seasons. You can really tap into the big and small products whilst specific events are ongoing in order to maximise sales. Take Valentine’s Day for example – You can make your Valentine’s Red Velvet cake giant or bite-sized.


Bigger doesn’t always mean better!

Not only do miniature foods look visually appealing, but they are also popular for a number of other reasons.

Snacking has always been a popular consumer habit, but in recent years, the modern consumers lifestyle has changed. People no longer have fixed schedules, with specific times for eating meals, and so are turning to ‘snackifying’ or ‘snackification’. Flexible working hours and increased desire to socialise have both contributed to consumers spending less hours in their homes, and ultimately less time available to sit and have a proper meal.

To combat this issue, many are turning to eating smaller ‘snack sized’ portions on a more frequent basis, particularly Gen Z’s. The convenience of bite-sized foods allows consumers to eat when they want, whether that is on route to a work meeting, or in-between dropping off the kids at school and going to the gym.

These turkey sliders are a great grab and go snack, or mini loaf cakes work as a tasty afternoon snack accompanied with a cup of tea.

It is important to adapt to these lifestyle changes. By introducing bite-sized offerings, you can appease to a growing market of ‘snackifiers’, and be on hand for when they get peckish.

Petite-pleasers are an ideal product to target either those consumers who are indecisive, or alternatively those who are more adventurous and want to try out new flavours and products.


Guilt-free snacking

Tying in with the snackification trend, consumers are also living much healthier lifestyles these days, and so miniature foods allow them to satisfy their cravings, but in snack-sized formats, reducing the guilt which is usually associated with eating.

These loaded miniature doughnuts, for example, are the perfect product for your health-conscious customers who have a sweet tooth and crave indulgent treats, but don’t want to rack up the calories.

Don’t forget that size doesn’t always matter – you can make a big impact, and pack plenty of flavour, into a small portion, thus fulfilling the needs of those who are focussed on their health.


There is no occasion too big or too small for Macphie products. Whether you are looking to create a party tear-and-share, or a small mouthful of something sweet, you can make it by using Macphie products.

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