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Christmas is just around the corner, again!

Looking for inspiration? Don’t worry, the elves at Macphie have been working hard to pull together all the trending recipes for the most wonderful time of the year.

Festive food is what makes Christmas special – not that we’re biased! It’s a time to indulge. To spoil ourselves and our loved ones.


Festive flavours

Traditional flavours will continue to be in-demand this Christmas, with consumers still sticking with classics such as orange, cranberry and dark chocolate. Spices like gingerbread and cinnamon will continue to be festive favourites, and can be used to make tasty sweet treats such as this Swedish Cinnamon Roll with Toffee Sauce.

Whilst traditional flavours are still popular, it is important to note the impact of Generation Z on classic Christmas bakes. Food trends are beginning to change as this generation enters adult life, and it is important to explore new flavours in classic bakes.

Salted caramel is continuing its rise in popularity, with many businesses using it to create mouthwatering desserts, including this dark chocolate & salted caramel crème brûlée. Spiced dark rum is another flavour which has been trending in recent years. When combined with brown butter, you can make delicious mince pies.

Speculoos emerged as a popular Christmas taste but has become an all year round staple, peaking at Christmas time – the rich, slightly spiced flavour can create a melt-in-your-mouth moment, and is a game-changer for winter offerings. Top your cupcakes, doughnuts, or loaf cakes with Macphie o.t.t® PLUS Speculoos flavour dessert topping to add a festive twist to your traditional bakes.

Alternatively, create divine desserts such as these mini Speculoos cheesecakes or Speculoos dessert pots.

Indulgence is key during the festive period, as consumers allow themselves treats which they restrict themselves to throughout the rest of the year. Ensure you are buying quality ingredients to give your bakes or dishes a premium taste.

Macphie recently launched a Luxury Caramel Filling, which is a great addition to Christmas bakes. By combining our Sticky Toffee Sensation®, Luxury Caramel filling and finishing with a layer of our Rainbow Frosting, you can create a version of Booth’s new Sticky Toffee Slump Cake, a unique sweet treat that all the family can enjoy.


Tradition with a spin

Christmas is all about tradition but also putting a spin and excitement on well-loved lines. Traditional Black Forest gateaux, a nostalgic favourite, can be transformed into stylish patisseries.

And it’s not Christmas unless there is Brandy Sauce involved. You can’t beat a classic Christmas pudding with Macphie Brandy Sauce, but why not try something a little different and serve it alongside this Christmas tree tear ‘n’ share spiced bread. Tapping into the continued trend for sharing platters which we always see peak at Christmas.

Salmon and choux buns commonly feature on menus throughout the Christmas period, but have you ever tried them both together? These smoked salmon savoury choux buns are unique, and are a delicious addition to your Christmas canapés.  Who says tapping into the hybrid trend was only for sweet treats!


Party time

Christmas is a time for giving and sharing, and so shareable formats of much-loved foods are heavily prominent during this time of the year.

Why not tap into the supersized trend this festive period? Supersized foods are continuing to grow in not only size, but also popularity, making them the perfect centrepiece for your customers’ Christmas gatherings.

Whilst traditional, miniature sausage rolls are still a popular party food, enlarged sausage rolls are a unique addition, which not only look good, but are also ideal for sharing with friends and family, making them the perfect Christmas evening snack. Continuing with the supersized trend, large sharing desserts such as giant tear ‘n share eclairs are a tasty, fun treat.

Open up new avenues with party platters – quite simply, miniature versions of seasonal favourites. So whether it is sausage rolls, turkey sliders or asparagus tarts, there are plenty of ideas to delight your customers with.


Christmas is a time to go all out to make stand out creative foods. Social media is a big factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions, particularly during Christmas as images are frequently shared of food, so innovative creations are a must.

Wreaths are a popular design, as they are visually appealing and are great for sharing amongst friends and family. This cupcake wreath is a very simple design, yet it is extremely eye-catching, and works wonderfully as a window display to attract customers (both physical and on social media).

Or if you are looking for a savoury alternative, why not try baked camembert, or this turkey sausage roll.

Christmas tree designs are another simple yet eye-catching composition – just look at this tree-mendous sharing profiterole tree!


Making the most of the festive season is simple with our versatile products. To find all our Christmas recipes, visit