Technical Information

  • Product name: Mactop® Extra
  • Product code & size: 10000150 (12 x 1 Litre)
  • Product code & size: 10000149 (10 Litre)
  • Shelf life from date of manufacture: 9 months (1Litre), 7 months (10Litre)
  • Suitable for Vegetarians Gluten Free


Ready-to-whip ambient cream alternative. Rich and sweet confectionery filling that, once whipped, has a 5-day ambient shelf life, perfect as a filling or topping and ideal for eat-from-frozen desserts. Non-hydrogenated version also available.

  • ambient cream alternative*
  • Chill to 2-10⁰C and fill to approximately a third of bowl capacity before whipping. Whip until desired consistency is achieved
  • When whipped, contains less than half the fat of double cream
  • Whips to 3 times its volume and freeze-thaw stable when whipped
  • Once whipped, has a 5-day ambient shelf life
  • Supports the addition of flavours and colours

*Mactop® Extra has at least 5 days ambient shelf life (up to 20⁰C) when whipped, therefore does not require refrigeration.


Available in
Non-Hydrogenated Mactop® Extra
Non-Hydrogenated Mactop® Traditional
Mactop® Traditional

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